“Steaakh” is a Trokh word that roughly means “protectorate”. The term is applied to several polities located rimward of the Aslan Hierate. The steaakh are a sort of cooperative colony between an Aslan clan (or clans) (all the traditional steaakh were created by clans of Tlaukhu Bloc 6 – Uiktawa, Iykyasea and Faowaou, with the help of the Layaefui corporation) and a minor race, founded on the idea that the clan(s) supply the minor race with stellar-level technology, and in turn the minor race supplies them with natural resources and allows them to be at least partially governed by the clan(s).

That is, however, only the theory – in practice steaakh do not always work that way. Other races, and even some other Aslan (especially the Tralyeaeawi clan) have criticised steaakh as being exploitative, and enslaving the minor races involved. The Faowaou are especially known for this mistreatment, though the Uiktawa and Iykyasea aren’t innocent of it, either. One particularly notorious incident involves the Faowaou attempting to create a Steaakh Etra in Hfiywitir Sector which the minor race did not agree to, leading to a war between the Bloc 6 clans on one side and the Etra and the Tralyeaeawi on the other, which eventually led to the formation of an independent (non-steaakh) Etra interstellar state (see History of the Etra for more information on this).

Extant steaakh states include Steaakh Yeasaol in Hfiywitir Sector, Steaakh Hlaia in Ahkiweahi’ Sector, and several more polities further rimward. There also exists a state in Hfiywitir and Irlaftalea Sectors called Steaak’heafera, which roughly means “counter-steaakh state”. This polity was formed when the Tralyeaeawi militarily took over three separate, nearby steaakh. They then combined them into a single polity with more self-governance than the traditional steaakh, with the goal of countering the exploitation precipitated by the Bloc 6 clans.