Orion OB1 Association

The Orion OB1 Association is located rimward of the Hive Federation and spinward of the Rim Route. It spans tens of sectors. Almost all of the systems have belts as mainworlds, and almost all contain at least half a dozen belts. The major worlds are located around stars visible from Terra. A considerable fraction of the populated systems are M’norr Republic client states. There also are small, independent client states (e.g. the three-world Dorrim Mining Confederation in Mintaka Sector). There are many routes in the Association. The largest and most frequently-used routes are the Fire Routes. A band of rift density several parsecs wide runs around most of the edge of the Association.

In the sector tables, “Ori.” is an abbreviation of Orionis, and “G.” is the same in the actual name – for example, sector at 3 Trailing, 9 Rimward (+3/+9) (shown as “47 G. Ori.”) is 47 G. Orionis Sector. The sectors with their names in brackets are within the main rectangle of Charted Space.

Sectors 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
6 (Phlange) (Tracerie) (Wrence) (Muarne) (Lancask) (Tensk) (Aphlent)
7 Uroac Iphl Qona Qiask Suaar Tushiile Noontask
8 Onoo Dranon Geerphli Lila Nievoak Charbreyne Vortaana
9 47 G. Ori. 42 Ori. 64 G. Ori. Alnitak 96 G. Ori. Binaurie
10 Eta Ori. Pi-6 Ori. Meissa Mintaka Phi-1 Ori. 25 Ori.
11 Psi Ori. Hatsya Sigma Ori. Pi-4 Ori. Alnilam O Ori.
12 69 G. Ori. 82 G. Ori. Upsilon Ori. Omega Ori. 85 G. Ori. Joyce’s Void

Joyce’s Void Sector Data

Mintaka Sector Data (subsectors A-H)