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More Adapted Sectors, and Orion OB1 Data on TravellerMap

Since the previous post in this blog, several more sectors have been adapted to Traveller 5 formatting and revised:

  • Zao Kfeng Ig Grilokh Sector (original data by John G. Wood) – Jarrgh Subjugate and Far Stars Unanimity worlds
  • Kfazz Ghik Sector (original data by John G. Wood) – Authority of Joekghr worlds

Also, data from the Orion OB1 Association has been added to TravellerMap. This includes the data for Joyce’s Void and subsectors A-H of Mintaka Sector already posted here on Explorerbase, and initial/placeholder data (not yet posted on Explorerbase itself due to the small amount of data) for the following sectors:

  • Alnitak Sector
  • Nievoak Sector
  • Pi-4 Orionis Sector
  • Sigma Orionis Sector

The names of the remaining Orion OB1 sectors have also been added to TravellerMap.


New Orion OB1 Subsectors, and Write-Ups

Subsectors E, F, G and H of Mintaka Sector have now been added to the Sector Data section. Also, what had not yet been mentioned in a post is that this site now has a Write-Ups section too, which currently includes three articles (two on sophonts and one on polities).

Things currently being worked on include sector data for Driasera and Rim Reach Sectors, and an article about the polities of Amderstun Sector. New subsectors in the Orion OB1 Association may also be coming soon.

K’kree Project Cancelled; Rimward Projects Intensified

There’s a change in plans for Explorerbase – as Jim Kundert has been designated to create the sector data for the Two Thousand Worlds, no more K’kree “mostly-dotmap” sectors will be published here (and the Ruupiin data already posted has become redundant).

The flipside of this is that the time I was spending on the K’kree sectors can now be rerouted to other sector data, so sector data for the Orion OB1 Association and Rim Reach Sector will arrive to Explorerbase sooner than it otherwise would. Other sectors which I may work on in the near future include Driasera Sector and Kring Noor Sector.