Update of Harea Sector Data

When I originally created data for Harea Sector back in 2011-2012, all of the nearby sectors were shown as uninhabited on TravellerMap, so I put all of the worlds of Harea Sector as uninhabited, too. However, since then, the not-uninhabited Group One version of Theta Borealis Sector was re-canonised and put on TravellerMap, and Ade “Alagoric” Stewart created new data for Mavuzog Sector (located spinward of Theta Borealis and directly coreward of Harea) also featuring many inhabited worlds. This left a strange boundary between these inhabited sectors and the uninhabited Harea Sector (as well as various other nearby sectors which have older data containing only uninhabited worlds, such as Khaeaw, Astron and others).

To resolve this discrepancy, Ade Stewart and I collaborated to create a new version of the sector data for Harea Sector. This version features the same world positions and physical characteristics as my original data, but it introduces inhabited worlds which link the sector to Mavuzog and Theta Borealis. There are even some new minor races! Also, the data is now in the T5SS data format instead of the older SEC.

As a side note, Ade Stewart is also the creator of the Empty Stars, a large, semi-OTU group of sectors located a few sectors away from Charted Space – not unlike my Orion OB1 AssociationCheck it out here!


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