Monthly Archives: March 2016

More Adapted Sectors, and Orion OB1 Data on TravellerMap

Since the previous post in this blog, several more sectors have been adapted to Traveller 5 formatting and revised:

  • Zao Kfeng Ig Grilokh Sector (original data by John G. Wood) – Jarrgh Subjugate and Far Stars Unanimity worlds
  • Kfazz Ghik Sector (original data by John G. Wood) – Authority of Joekghr worlds

Also, data from the Orion OB1 Association has been added to TravellerMap. This includes the data for Joyce’s Void and subsectors A-H of Mintaka Sector already posted here on Explorerbase, and initial/placeholder data (not yet posted on Explorerbase itself due to the small amount of data) for the following sectors:

  • Alnitak Sector
  • Nievoak Sector
  • Pi-4 Orionis Sector
  • Sigma Orionis Sector

The names of the remaining Orion OB1 sectors have also been added to TravellerMap.