Monthly Archives: February 2016

Adapting Charted Space to Traveller 5

One ongoing project at Explorerbase that hasn’t previously been mentioned in one of the posts is the adaption of pre-existing (randomly-generated)┬ásector data in Charted Space to Traveller 5 formatting, with the data being manually vetted/adapted in the process. So far this has been done for the following areas:

  • Hfiywitir Sector (original data by Joshua Bell) – subsectors E and F
  • Ahkiweahi’ Sector (original data by Joshua Bell) – Lanthusandr worlds
  • Chit Botshti Sector (original data by John G. Wood) – Taakas Yh’Drak worlds
  • Ghoekhnael Sector (original data by John G. Wood) – Taakas Yh’Drak and Brzeh Council worlds

New Orion OB1 Subsectors, and Write-Ups

Subsectors E, F, G and H of Mintaka Sector have now been added to the Sector Data section. Also, what had not yet been mentioned in a post is that this site now has a Write-Ups section too, which currently includes three articles (two on sophonts and one on polities).

Things currently being worked on include sector data for Driasera and Rim Reach Sectors, and an article about the polities of Amderstun Sector. New subsectors in the Orion OB1 Association may also be coming soon.